Scotsgrove Farm owned by Michael and James Ludgate extends to 120 acres of pasture land, 50 acres of river meadows and 20 acres of woodland which is owned and another 150 acres of pasture rented locally.

The Rempstone Herd was established with three horned cows from the Mara herd in 2006. we then went on to buy heifers from the Studmore, Sarabande, and Llancillo Hall herds. Over the last six years we have watched the Hereford's evolve and now believe the polled type cattle are the cattle of the future. With this in mind we have introduced polled heifers from the Dendor, Dorepoll, Bosa, Reydon, Kinglee and Hawkesbury herds. Currently we have around 35 pedigree cows.

Over the last six years we have used a selection of bulls from Broadfield, Badlingham, Panmure and now Hawkesbury. All is also being used with semen carefully selected from some of the top bulls from around the world.

As Wholesale Butchers as well as farmers we also run a commercial suckler herd. With 50 Simmetal cows calving in the spring alongside the Hereford's. We use a Hereford bull on the Simmentals which gives us a well muscled calf whilst still keeping the Hereford qualities.

Our aim is to produce females with balance, milk, sound legs and femininity. These characteristics are what we look for in our females and we believe will build us the Hereford herd to produce excellent progeny, for the future.